• Are Compression Socks For Me?

    Are Compression Socks For Me?
    The days of only doctors prescribing their patients to wear compression socks are over. More and more people are starting to include these socks in their everyday life. From working, working out, to traveling. 1. For Moms-To-Be It is important for you to stay as healthy as possible during your pregnancy, and the start of this can be with socks! It is known that...
  • The Right Way to Wear Compression Socks

    The Right Way to Wear Compression Socks
    So you bought your first pair of compression socks but you’re not exactly sure how to wear them, for how long, and what they are supposed to make you feel exactly. That’s ok. We’ll explain. There’s a lot of information out there about proper compression sock use. Nevertheless, there are many different types of compression and each type serves a specific purpose. Thankfully, at...
  • Why Wear Compression Socks?

    Why Wear Compression Socks?
    Why wear compression socks? To take advantage of a proven, easy way to feel better by improving circulation. By hugging most tightly at the ankle and gradually decreasing up to the knee, graduated compression helps increase blood flow upward against the force of gravity and towards the heart. If you're new to compression socks & seeking a greater understanding of its many uses check...
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