TheraRx 3-Times-a-Day Weekly Pill/Vitamin Organizer - Colorful, Large Compartments, Detachable Trays
Description This optimum-sized reminder pillbox helps organize your daily medications for the whole week into morning evening night slots. This is especially useful while traveling where routines are often disturbed. Even as a daily routine, it is convenient to refill the box...
TheraRx 31-Day Monthly Pill Organizer - Large, Removable Compartments
Description This newly designed Thera Rx Pill Organizer is easier to use than ever. The unique one-touch feature lifts the lid of the pillbox with the touch of a button for easy access to your daily medications. Features of your Pill...
$39.99 $19.99
TheraRx 7-Day AM/PM Pill/Vitamin Organizer with Push Button - Large Compartments
Description These Pill Planners have large push buttons that easily pop up each compartment and are excellent for that dexterity and hand sensitivity issues. Each compartment has a rounded base for an easy pill or vitamin retrieval. Highlights 7 DAY...
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