• Not Your Grandma’s Socks

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    Not Your Grandma’s Socks
    There’s probably an image that comes to mind when you think of compression socks. It’s likely dull and utilitarian. Which makes sense, considering compression socks of the past. What if things are different now? What if compression looks cooler than it used to? New look Men's compression socks and women's compression socks have typically had one thing in common - they were plain. They...
  • What Are the Benefits of Compression Socks?

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    What Are the Benefits of Compression Socks?
    You’ve probably heard about them. You may even own a pair. And still, if someone asked you to run down all the benefits of compression socks and explain who needs them most, you’d shrug your shoulders and recommend consulting a doctor. If you don’t use them regularly, there’s a good chance you think these stockings are strictly clinical. Like a neck brace or hearing...
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