Being the best version of you is important – and being the healthiest, best version of you is even more important. When you are working out hard and running, whether as a beginner or expert, fast recovery for sore and tight muscles is vital, and compression socks for runners can help. In order to recover faster, athletes around the world turn to compression socks as one of the proven tricks for feeling better, quick. Extreme Fit's line of compression socks strives to combine the health advantages of compression with style for men and women. Our high-functioning compression socks for runners utilize advanced Gradient Pressure knitting technology to help decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, increase oxygen delivery and minimize muscle fatigue in order to improve fitness results and recovery. Utilizing compression socks for post-workout recovery can help you take a step up in your workout and fitness goals.

Find your inner strength and be the absolute best version of you! Whether you’re headed to the office, out to run errands or back home to relax after your workout, you can continue your recovery efforts simply by slipping on a pair of compression socks! These socks work to increase the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back into your legs, which reduces muscle soreness and expedites overall recovery so you can be back at it tomorrow.


I love my Extreme Fit compression socks. I wear them at work where I'm on my feet for 8-12 hours a day as well as running, cycling and for recovery. They are so cute I don't mind showing them off either!  -- Jessica T.

I have several pairs of patterned compression socks and love the feel and the support. I cycle a lot but work in an environment where loud colors or out of the ordinary clothing is not easily accepted. So, I bought a pair of navy, and a pair of black, to wear on days I cycle to work. They look "dressy" with a nice pair of shorts, too. -- Ira S.

As a competitive runner, I adore the benefit of compression socks. My nickname is "The Ladybug Runner" and when I saw their red with black dots, I had to purchase them. I have worn them several times and I am impressed! They keep their shape and feel great! I will be looking at other patterns for my other races and recovery time.  -- Charlene


Extreme Fit has been featured in a variety of press outlets promoting the advantages of wearing compression for recovery after exercising, including:

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