We need Your Voice!

attend a 30 minute Zoom call & we'll give you a $100 gift card for your time 😊

What Is the focus group for?

We're creating a new brand of compression socks based on just what's important to you. As a planning step, we want to understand why you wear compression socks and what's important about the kinds of brands you like.

So we’re asking just a few customers to come to join us on a focus group call to tell us about what you feel like you would absolutely love about a compression socks brand. 

In exchange for attending one of our focus groups, we'd be glad to give you a $100 gift card to our store.

What do you need to do?

The focus group session will take 30 minutes, and you can attend from the comfort of your home. The session will be a Zoom video call.

"What do you like?" "What do you think is missing?" "How are compression socks part of your life?"... These are some of the topics we'd like to discuss in our focus groups. Our goal is to create for you a whole new brand that you'll love!

Only 10 people can attend each session. Do you think you might be willing to participate?

How to participate?

Just sign up for one of the focus group sessions below, and we'll send you a $100 gift card once you attend (which even covers taxes and shipping so you don't pay a thing!) — we sincerely appreciate your help in making us the best brand we can be for you :)

Friday, Feb 25

Hope to see you in the focus group!

— The Extreme Fit Team 💖

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