Compression socks for Workout


A respected name in fitness, Extreme Fit makes a wonderful line of socks for the workout. This sock is snug without being excessively tight. It comes with built-in arch support, anatomically correct left and right socks, and mesh side panels for ventilation.

Although they are made for high-performance training and racing, these socks can also be used for more casual outings. Many marathon runners swear by them. Just remember, if you have problems with overly tight socks for your size, consider up-sizing in these; they run small.

They’ve got breathable mesh for airflow, left-right anatomic fit, and an anti-blister system. They’re mostly olefin. If you run in warm environs, need maximum moisture-wreckage, or just feel more comfortable in thinner tubes, the Extreme Fit socks will quickly become your new best friend.

Made for durability, their special weave helps them last longer than many of the best running socks. Neither too thick or thin, Extreme Fit sock is made with an aerating polyester blend, deep heel pockets, and a soft, elastane-enhanced ‘best fit.’ Strategic cushioning makes them attractive to runners whose soles tend to take a lot of abuse during laps.